Who are we?

SleimanCo is a professional provider of multi digital services including custom-software development, IT consultations, digital marketing and platforms management. In addition to that, SleimanCo provides high quality technical solutions related to several sectors.

At the core of all what we provide lies professionalism, responsibility, and the opportunity to build: sustainable, equitable, and more secure results to take businesses to another level.

SleimanCo meets clients where they are, whereby our solutions and services offer the flexibility and choices they need to build their future online.

Fueled by the potential of new technologies and the passion for what we do, our team at SleimanCo works on elevating the online image of clients and how they engage with audience or customers in whatever industry they belong.

SleimanCo is led and managed by Ali Sleiman, Founder and CEO, an innovative software engineer and technical master - more than 15 years experience in information technology (IT), software development, search engine optimization (SEO), content, business, finance, and digital marketing.

Let’s do business together.
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Email: [email protected]

Mobile - Kuwait: (+965) 99117784